About the F1 Anorak blog

F1 Anorak is a blog dedicated to data-driven journalism, focused on Formula One racing.

Each race in the championship generates a lorry-load of data and F1 Anorak wants to use this to help illuminate the various sub-plots of the Formula One season.

Not only will I be sifting through the time sheets and the tyre allocations, but I’ll set contemporary stories in the context of all the records stacked up since the beginning of the World Championship era in 1950.

Donning the F1 Anorak is me, Sean Gibson – formerly of the Telegraph‘s Sport desk in London and now working out of Brussels.

Sean Gibson, formerly of the Telegraph Sport desk

Fingers crossed you enjoy F1 Anorak‘s alternative views of what remains the highest level of motor sport in the world.

And hopefully we will be able to balance the relentlessly serious with some fun.  At times.